AC Duct Cleaning

  • Maximum Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • High Powered Sterilization
  • Leak Detection

World Star Facility Management is the only company in the UAE that specializes in air duct cleaning and purging. We know that this is a very important service that should be done regularly to ensure the quality of your indoor air. Most people think that they can clean their own AC ducts, but this is not true. The risk of contaminating the entire system by using improper methods or tools is too great. We use state of the art equipment and strict sterilization procedures to ensure that every last particle is removed from each air duct.Our Duct Cleaning service includes: A thorough inspection of the entire AC system; Removal of all visible dust, dirt & debris.

During the Initial Inspection, we perform an initial inspection of your home or business to determine what needs to be cleaned out, how much work will be required and whether any additional services like leak detection need to be performed as well. Air Duct Cleaning & Purging - Our specialized vacuum & sterilization equipment is used for cleaning all of your air ducts from top to bottom ensuring maximum efficiency & effectiveness. We then use our high powered sterilization equipment to kill off any remaining bacteria or dust mites living inside your ductwork before sealing it off with a special sealant designed specifically for this purpose!

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