Curtain Dry Cleaning

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Curtain Dry Cleaning is the best solution for the cleaning of curtains. World Star Facilities Management uses high-tech machinery to ensure that the curtain is cleaned from all its debris and grease, giving you a fresh and spotless look from within. The process is simple, yet very effective in results. The solvents used for cleaning are of low toxicity and are completely safe for your curtains. These solvents are then extracted out along with the stains and grease accumulated on your curtains. After a thorough rinsing process, it's dried under constant motion fans so as not to cause any additional shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

We are an admired name for providing a wide spectrum of services in this field in Dubai. We employ highly-skilled persons in our company who have years of experience and expertise in providing services that are completely safe and secure. Our efficient professionals put their best efforts to make the customers feel satisfied by offering them excellent quality results within a committed time frame

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Our clientele includes prestige projects, brand names and companies. At World Star Facilities Management, we take extreme care of our projects and clients. You matter to us!

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