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The purpose of polishing marble floors and crystallization is to remove any stains or rusted area. For this reason, it is necessary to select a professional company that has experience in polishing marble floors and that is aware of the right type of polish for your floor. World Star Facilities Management is one of the leading companies in marble crystallization. At World Star Facilities Management, we use an advanced method for cleaning, as well as providing you with a warranty for our work. We will ensure that the floor is safe from any defects and provide you with proper documentation. Our company specializes in polishing indoor and outdoor marble floors in villas, hotels, homes and commercial buildings. We use high quality products and equipment for polishing marble with chemicals based on oil and natural waxes, avoiding dangerous acids or abrasives.

Marble crystallization is the most effective way to give your floor a long-lasting shine and make it last for years without any care or maintenance. From the very first step to the final coat of sealer, Crystallization is a process that brings out the beauty, color and texture of your floors. Crystallization is an environmentally-friendly system that's safe for people and pets, which also reduces maintenance costs. And because it hardens marble's surface, dust and dirt cannot stick to it. Your floor will shine beautifully again!

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