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  • Pest Proximity Control
  • Disinfection
  • Preventions and Cleaning

Pests can be a serious problem if not handled carefully, especially when it is hard to identify their root cause. Office space or your homes need to be neat and tidy, and for this reason, World Star Facility Management takes the matters in its expert hands.

If not managed, pests can damage your facilities, put your employees at risk, and harm your commercial reputation, as well as violate the regulations you as a business owner must follow. World Star Facility Management technicians will work with you to create the customized, integrated pest control program you need, in compliance with all applicable regulations. Moreover, our technicians are certified, and we use prime techniques, which are unique and suitable for health. We have become industry leaders in our methods to provide your enterprise with specialized protection against pests including inspects, termites, rodents and more. We offer target pest control that is based on industry-leading technology to get rid of pests from your office, and make your working space safe. World Star Facility Management also works efficiently towards preventive measures to remove the pests from its root cause. Our experts routinely update their machineries and technology, so that your office space remains pest free!

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Our clientele includes prestige projects, brand names and companies. At World Star Facilities Management, we take extreme care of our projects and clients. You matter to us!

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