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World Star Facilities Management began operating in the heart of the UAE, Dubai . What was a dream then, is an accomplishment now. The principles of the company, which remain active in the business today, started with the intention of being the best service provider to a few while allowing its reputation to dictate the company’s growth.The formula worked.

World Star Facilities Management team comprises skilled professionals handpicked after exhaustive evaluations. We ensure that our team is regularly trained and made familiar with the new technologies. We aim to deliver the best outcome, complying with standard operating procedures. We assure you that your systems, accessories, premises, and facilities are safe under the supervision and management of our dutiful team. With a loyal customer base, we began to expand into a larger geographical area and our menu of services grew. This allowed the company to become a more valuable provider to our clients and demonstrate our commitment to their business. Over the years we have developed experience with a variety of industries and facilities.

With World Star Facilities Management, you can now boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability with building management.

You can now expect clean, safe, and comfortable work/living environments that run smoothly without interruptions. To meet your real estate goals, you need World Star Facilities Management.


Let’s hear from our Management about the the path we are about to take

Chairman's Message
Managing Director’s Message

Chairman’s Message

World Star Facilities Management is a name that stands for professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. Today, Worldstar Facilities Management is successfully catering to thousands of customers in the UAE with their unmatched quality of services. With a global footprint, World Star Facilities Management has a greater reach to clients worldwide to provide end-to-end services that meet their needs. Holistic services include facility management in the field of commercial and residential sectors.

Nishad Hussain
Chairman, World Star Holding

Managing Director’s Message

Globalization has brought great benefits to human society in terms of expanding the customer base and enhancing customer choice. We at World Star Facilities Management understand that meeting customer's requirements is essential to our success; we have invested heavily in high quality products and services, and make it our mission to provide customers with the best possible value they can get. We are committed to providing customers with quality service and efficient operation, thereby achieving our vision of becoming the leading global Facilities Management company in the UAE.

Haseena Nishad
Managing Director, World Star Holding
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We are dedicated to meeting the demands of today’s quality-driven, cost-conscious managers or homeowners. Our experience makes us knowledgeable and consistent. Our expertise in managing service delivery contracts allows us to eliminate costly inefficiencies and pass the savings along to our clients

We use Sustainable Resources

We are committed to a sustainable future. Our resources are aimed towards ensuring that our carbon footprint is negligible. We are always purchasing hygienic and sustainable resources that are safe to use in any environment

Skilled and Experienced Staff

With the professionals having key knowledge and experience in the systems and equipment, they extend optimal service and support. Producing affirmative outputs in keeping the systems maintained, our team ensures a seamless and streamlined operational environment.

We keep it real always

Here to Make Your Facilities Management More Efficient


Our vision is to make our client’s facility management more efficient and their business more profitable through the synergy of our integrated building service offerings. By offering a comprehensive program of services, and building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, we will efficiently handle your critical building support services, allowing you to focus your efforts and resources on core business functions.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality in each facilities management service we offer. We are customer-driven and our clients are our highest priority meeting your needs, exactly the way you want them done is our primary focus. Our work is based on integrity and always reflected in the philosophy of “do what you say you’re going to do”.

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Our dedication to innovative programs and world-class customer service have allowed us to “raise the bar” for quality in the building service marketplace. Hear from our clients

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Our team will help you better understand your needs and provide quality services. Our acknowledgments make us proud and instill in us an added responsibility to continue with the credible efforts.